Will I need two coats of Paint? ALWAYS

There are advertisements for paint all the time that talk about covering in one coat!  What a laugh!  To get a great paint job two light coats will usually do the trick.  Unless…


Not Happy

you get pure white and try covering over grease, water spots, fly specs(poo) and etc.  then 2 coats aren’t enough.  That is me looking like I was about ready to strangle the paint salesman.  I knew it wouldn’t cover,  but after 2 coats on the trim and the house still needing another coat – I wasn’t happy.  We just bit the bullet and bought more paint and came back another day to finish.  The house ended up looking great but here’s a reminder – paint does not cover in one coat.


needs another coat – crap!

So don’t go to home depot and buy expensive behr paint with the primer included…that’s a gimmick!  To steal your money – people fall for this all the time.  2 coats of paint required – sometimes 3.  Expensive paint does not change this fact.   Also do not use pure white ever!  Always choose something with a little tint in it – like Swiss coffee – a very popular “off” white


OK we finished and we had another happy customer!

Complete – she looks good!

Doug Morby





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