Colors, Colors, Colors

paint-buckets-300x234How do you pick the right color scheme?  When you finally decide its time for a paint job you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and when someone sees the exterior of your home, they say “wow, that looks awesome.”

Once I lived near a guy that painted his exterior in a baby blue color.  It looked horrible.   He got so sick of people telling him that the house was really BLUE, that he put a sign up on the front of his home that said in large letters…”YES- IT IS BLUE,  SO WHAT?”  Eventually, he had to break down and repaint the house.   The guys at the paint store can help you with the colors and make sure you pick the most popular colors at the time.

If you see a building or a house where you like the color scheme and then tell your painting contractor about it,  the contractor can match the color for you.  Then your house will be the color of something you like and can be proud of.

Doug Morby


About Doug Morby

Painting Contractor, Remodeling Contractor
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