Cabinets are Us!


What does it take to refinish cabinets?  When a person thinks about refinishing they have images of sanding and stripping the old finish off and starting over with bare wood. Ha.  Done that!  Too much work and really more expensive than buying new cabinets.

We have developed a technique we call shading.  The process involves the following:

  • Clean and lightly sand cabinets
  • apply a wood colored factory undercoater
  • apply an antiquing gel
  • apply several coats of semi transparent colored lacquer
  • apply clear coat finish

and that’s it.  A lot of work and skill involved – plus the right equipment.  Must be sprayed – not brushed – this is not paint – it is lacquer

Doug Morby


Doug Morby



About Doug Morby

Painting Contractor, Remodeling Contractor
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