Painting is not just painting

drywall 3What The?

So what happens when you get a small hole in the drywall?  Do you just slap some paint over it and all is well?   Not so fast.  In this picture here paint isn’t gonna help much is it?   Here is what you have to do.  Get some drywall – take a piece into Home Depot and they’ll help you get the right size.  Then cut a piece to fit in the hole.  You use drywall mud and drywall tape to hold it in place.  That is the first coat.  Wait for it to dry and using a trowel smooth out a second coat. Then sand smooth and apply a third coat.  Then texture…then FINALLY paint.  At least 2 coats.  Its a lot of work but if you want to learn something new and save some money, you can do it yourself.   Some painting contractors can handle this repair others can’t.  Armadillo Brothers Paint Company does routine drywall repairs everyday.  Its just part of what we do.  If you live in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe or Queen Creek,  you can call (480)359-8577   or go to for more information.

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