Cabinet Refinishing – ugly oak to clean white

Cabinet Refinishing - ugly oak to clean white

ONE DAY TRANSFORMATION – from 20 year old, worn, oak colored cabinets to a fresh, clean modern look

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Cabinet Refinishing – Laminate

Cabinet Refinishing – Light, Worn Laminate – using shading technique – transform into beautiful

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Shading Technique Natural maple to Cherry

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Cabinet Refinishing – Solid Color Black Satin

Solid Colors have been very popular.  White and Black are the 2 favorites also a dark coffee color seems to be in style  This job was a kitchen and 4 bathrooms completed in just over 24 hours.

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How to Refinish Cabinets – not reface – not replace – not repaint cabinets – refinish!!!

We just finished another job and I took some pics and made a short video. Refinish for way cheaper than replace or refacing!

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Painting Cabinets – With Lacquer – Instead of Paint

Want a solid Color on your cabinets?  At home depot you can go buy Rustoleum Transformations – Guess What?  IT IS LATEX PAINT – Yeah its water based and easy to clean up with after you’re done – but you have to live with what you’ve done!cabinet1

Take for instance this cabinet job.  Starting with honey colored oak – we transformed it with factory grade, sprayed on lacquer – the customer wanted a solid color.  When you touch the surface of lacquered cabinets vs painted you would be shocked at the difference.

Lacquer is the only way to go – and you can get any color you want.  Most jobs take 2 – 3 days.



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Pick Your Colors Wisely

Don’t pick yellow – if you hate yellow.  This house we completed003 the customer loved our work but said “its just that I hate yellow!”  She picked a color called canary island by Dunn Edwards.

Your best bet, if you are a little unsure about the color theme is to ask us first.  We will ask if you have seen a house color theme that you like.  We’ll suggest that you go with what you like personally.  Plus you also have to consider what the home owner’s association may say about it.

We are Armadillo Brothers and we want to be your painting contractor.  We serve the following cities in Arizona: Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek and Scottsdale.  We paint interior, exterior,garage floors, cabinets – pretty much anything.

Doug Morby

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Will I need two coats of Paint? ALWAYS

There are advertisements for paint all the time that talk about covering in one coat!  What a laugh!  To get a great paint job two light coats will usually do the trick.  Unless…


Not Happy

you get pure white and try covering over grease, water spots, fly specs(poo) and etc.  then 2 coats aren’t enough.  That is me looking like I was about ready to strangle the paint salesman.  I knew it wouldn’t cover,  but after 2 coats on the trim and the house still needing another coat – I wasn’t happy.  We just bit the bullet and bought more paint and came back another day to finish.  The house ended up looking great but here’s a reminder – paint does not cover in one coat.


needs another coat – crap!

So don’t go to home depot and buy expensive behr paint with the primer included…that’s a gimmick!  To steal your money – people fall for this all the time.  2 coats of paint required – sometimes 3.  Expensive paint does not change this fact.   Also do not use pure white ever!  Always choose something with a little tint in it – like Swiss coffee – a very popular “off” white


OK we finished and we had another happy customer!

Complete – she looks good!

Doug Morby

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Another Cabinet Job White Washed To Beautiful

You should really try to Update your cabinets –  People are getting rid of the OAK Look and going with something else.

feb 2013 022These cabinets were white washed OAK – so 1990’s – wow – in just 2 days we took ugly white washed oak cabinets that looked like this and transformed them – see pics below.


Doug Morbyfeb 2013 028

feb 2013 032

feb 2013 026

feb 2013 033

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Colors, Colors, Colors

paint-buckets-300x234How do you pick the right color scheme?  When you finally decide its time for a paint job you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and when someone sees the exterior of your home, they say “wow, that looks awesome.”

Once I lived near a guy that painted his exterior in a baby blue color.  It looked horrible.   He got so sick of people telling him that the house was really BLUE, that he put a sign up on the front of his home that said in large letters…”YES- IT IS BLUE,  SO WHAT?”  Eventually, he had to break down and repaint the house.   The guys at the paint store can help you with the colors and make sure you pick the most popular colors at the time.

If you see a building or a house where you like the color scheme and then tell your painting contractor about it,  the contractor can match the color for you.  Then your house will be the color of something you like and can be proud of.

Doug Morby

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